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The Very First Game

Characters – Lith – Giovanni (Aubs), Atreyu – Werewolf (Zach), Devin – Mage (Steven), Deker – Gangrel (Corey)

We begin our story with business as usual. Devin is running his shop (Magic – R – Us), and Lith is out collecting money and a large package from Zeus, a Malkavian, for her family. Lith and Trey head out to collect while Deker and Devin are off at the store. Nothing too fishy happens that evening for the anti-heroes. The next night however, is another story. Devin is brought an interesting cross by some random customer. When Devin picks it up, he notices people go a little ‘crazy’ so to speak. Everyone around him starts to act unlike themselves. Including the person who is downstairs with Devin. Somewhere along the line, the gentleman who brought the item is knocked out and Deker, who had a very strange reaction decides to go outside. A 13 yr. old psychic reaches out and is on her way in. Meanwhile, Lith’s wraith starts glowing and writes down an address. (Magic – R – Us) Lith and her bodyguard, Trey, head out to the address that is listed. Upon arrival, the notice a young girl get out of a van with what appeared to be a soccer mom driving her, blasting Cradle of Filth. If that wasn’t strange enough, they notice Deker outside who warns them about heading in. Trey heads in first and talks up the little girl and Devin. A minute or 2 later, Lith then enters after talking with Deker about the weird cross. After Lith gets inside, Devin is noticed across the store showing the cross to the girl. When Lith sees this cross, she shoots the cross out of his hand. The cross then gets lodged into the wall and well, sh*t goes down. Trey automatically goes into hulk mode as customers start trying to flee, while he was attempting to stop everyone from fleeing with out killing anyone, Lith snaps out of whatever strange trance she was in and decides to help by throwing a chair at a man in attempts to knock him out. (smart, huh? lol.) The chair knocks the man out and goes through the window, in which the man then falls on a huge chunk of glass stuck there chin first, killing him. The soccer mom who was waiting outside, notices the commotion and since her daughter was in there, decides to drive her van through the other huge window at the shop. Everyone manages to dodge her in time, her daughter, the 13 yr old psychic, gets in the van and leaves. (We are certainly off to a great start, right?) And of course, all the wonderful activities of the evening have attracted the police. (Yay!) Trey manages to knock all the random people out who are left in the building just as a police are arriving. (Wondering where Deker and Devin are? Wonder no more..) Devin is currently behind the bar working up a spell and Deker has followed a customer who tried to run down the stairs to the basement to try and knock him out as well. But uh – oh! I giant 6 ft. freaking spider (was previously sleeping since Devin had been there.) has been alerted and starts to wake up. (Devin’s security system for the basement. Yes, he really thought that was an excellent idea…jackass. lol.) A shoot out take place between the police officers and the wonderful supernatural people (who are still inside the building) Trey and Lith, try to take out the police, just as Deker is noticing what is happening upstairs, he starts heading our way. Devin is still behind the bar working on that spell… And then, Giant F*ing spider…..It can’t get through the doorway, so it comes through the freaking floor. (Wooo!) Sadly, while the wonderful supernaturals were trying to keep us from being outside, the spider decides it wants to show off it’s huge-ness and makes a run from the open wall leading outside. Trey becomes literally a wolf before running outside after it, to kill it. The spider caused a whole lot of dead-ness. So we are down to 2 cops outside and 1 cop inside as Trey is fighting the spider the cop who is inside, turns into this weird looking gargoyle thing and flys off. Lith shoots and kills one of the remaining officers outside just as Trey finishes off the spider, which turns back into a tiny little spider…(go figure)…and makes his move to end the last officer, Deker decides to try to have the officer die, who dies anyway from Paradox, causing Deker and Trey to fight. Trey knocks Deker into torpor as Devin’s spell goes off. (Finally. lol.) Wiping all electronics out.(Emp spell) Since this all took place on a very, very busy street, and vanishes, with the cross he managed to get unstuck. (Pulled through Umbra) Lith decides to take Deker’s body with her so as not to leave a torpored body laying there for anyone and run as fast as she can with carrying the body with her. She makes it 6 blocks and finds a limo waiting for her that was sent by her family. She throws Deker in the trunk and gets in. Heading back to her family ‘compound’. Trey also took off running in wolf form and he runs all the way back to the Caern. By the way, the building catches fire mysteriously. So goodbye evidence. lol. They end the night with Lith awaiting punishment and the Elders thinking she is freaking crazy and Devin now off to find a hotel. Deker in Torpor surrounded by Giovanni. And of course, Trey in ‘celebration’ of woohoo’s at the Caern. (Hooray!!)


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